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Arab Business Women are changing fashion e-commerce in the Middle East Culture & Art

ArabianDate would like to highlight the accomplishments of two Arab women that have decided to change the game when it comes to online luxury shopping in the Middle East. Arab women share common interests with the rest of the world, but sometimes have limited access to truly explore their passions. In these cases, especially talented and ambitious women have risen to the challenge of becoming...

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Top 3 Sights in Constantine –the new capital of Arab Culture! Culture & Art

Dubbed the “City of bridges” in reference to the numerous charming bridges connecting the mountains the city is built on, Constantine was recently recognized for the role it could play in boosting relations between Arab countries. The various museums and significant historical sites found around the city make it an obvious romantic choice for building a stronger connection with your Arab lady. First, ArabianDate recommends...

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What do Ladies think of Ramadan? Culture & Art

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Hijri (Islamic) calendar.  It begins at the sight of the new crescent moon and effectively lasts for an entire moon cycle, or 30 days.  While fasting and other well-known traditions are typical during this period, Ramadan can mean a great deal of different things for different people. I decided to ask the many beautiful Arab faces registered on...

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Women need better quality photos. Prefer at least 1 full body pose and of good quality. And I’d like to receive a message when a most rated girls came online.


Show them proof that these beautiful females are actually real and they do exist


Women need better quality photos. Prefer at least 1 full body pose and of good quality


Provide viewers a way to turn off the chat requests for a set period of time – say like 3 minutes


A short reply on messages from ladies sent me in chat request


Add some feature to exchange contacts


I’d like to use the website on my mobile


I’d like to see ladies in a live video, like on a webcam or something.


I want to hear her voice, she’s so beautiful… please implement something


I’ve never heard about this kind of dating website before… I like it! keep up the good work ArabianDate!


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