Sahar Wahbeh is changing the world for orphaned children

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With Arab women being noticeably family-oriented, it is no surprise that they tend to care for other people around them as well. Take Sahar Wahbeh for instance. Sahar is a 34-year-old Lebanese-Palestinian with an inspiring goal—to change the lives of orphans in the region and beyond.

Around three years ago, the Dubai-based mother quit her job in consulting to start Dumyé, an online social enterprise that sells personalized dolls. Customers can choose the style and completely personalize the look of each doll. For every doll purchased, Dumyé donates another doll to an orphaned child.

Remarkably, she has never had any support or investments other than money from her own savings. However, Dumyé is now one of 16 finalists with a chance to win $1 million in a new global competition called The Venture, taking place in the United States in July.

When recently asked what inspired her to become a social entrepreneur, she said “I did not choose social entrepreneurship, it chose me.”

She also mentions that she has always been motivated by the power of design to shape our culture. So, when she could not find a doll that captured the aesthetics she was looking for, she created her own in a way that contributed to making the world a better place.

If she wins the funding for Dumyé, she says it will completely transform its ability to bring love and light to not only our own children, but to the children that have not been spoken for.
Finalists for the special funding will pitch their projects in front of an expert global panel soon.

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